What we do:

Specialising in Data Analysis Services, we help companies grow and succeed by doing the following key things:

  1. A Planning Consultant will assist in improving the linkages and efficiencies between inter-dependent business functions.
  2. Through our data analysis services we will provide an actionable level of insight and intelligence to assist customer retention strategies and customer acquisition planning
  3. Forecasting and capacity planning requirements to meet customer demand
  4. Building reporting suites and Key Performance Indicators which monitor and measure the success and effectiveness of an embedded strategy and plan.

We wrap our deep and practical expertise around these areas to deliver:

-          Cost savings through improved efficiencies

-          Greater levels of income from new and existing customers assisted by our acquisition and customer retention strategies

-          Reduced levels of Risk from effective capacity planning and predictive analytics

Our wide ranging experience enables us to quickly cut through complexity to identify the key issues and opportunities. Like our clients, we’re not keen on long drawn out consulting engagements, and we pride ourselves on delivering quality results quickly, with the support of a highly experienced planning consultant.

We have established a credible track record of helping a wide variety of organisations from small to large and across a broad range of industries, from local Public Sector tourism agencies to complex and established multi-national corporations. We are known for innovation, delivery and being easy to work with.


What Makes Us Different:

We work quickly and effectively and have spent a great number of years in many successful organisations analysing their customers and markets, developing strategies across marketing, sales and operational functions, creating business and marketing plans and building reporting suites to monitor and measure the effectiveness of an embedded strategy and plan.

No delegation. You deal directly with one point of contact at all times.

We are based in Central Scotland and have helped customers throughout the UK.