-         Data Analysis Services

-        Customer, Market and Business Intelligence

-         Database development and Analytics

-         Key Performance Indicator guidance and implementation

-         Resource and Capacity Planning

-         Marketing and Customer Planning

-         Acquisition and Customer Retention Strategies

-         Strategic Business Planning

-         Commercial Planning

-         Risk Mitigation


How we can help your business:

We provide thorough analysis, insight and advice to organisations of all shapes and sizes

We are flexible, independent and objective and always work in the strictest confidence

A planning consultant will assist in the rapid, complete ‘current state’ assessment of companies and their components

We help companies succeed through intelligent commercial strategies, operational and capacity planning, cost reduction, marketing effectiveness and sales growth (including customer retention strategies)

Our Data Analysis Services include; Data cleansing, database design and development which we host on behalf of our customers

We collaboratively develop and embed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for companies, and build reporting suites around these key measures

We host the reporting suites on behalf of our customers and deliver regular reporting over an agreed timescale (daily, weekly or monthly)

A planning consultant will provide bespoke ad-hoc analysis utilising the data and database capabilities we have created for our customers

We provide a regular customer demand and resource requirements forecast to our customers over and agreed timescale (daily, weekly, monthly)

We provide longer term strategic supply and demand forecasts to our customers for as far out as 2 years

We can work with you to develop plans from the ground up or review existing plans and identify potential areas for improvement